Lineup Update: 12/18/2018

Made some improvements, all stemming from pulling Giannis and then using around 60K MT to pull Steph, 2 Jokic’s, and multiple Amethysts from packs yesterday…

Every player has a diamond shoe except Tyson, and every player has a diamond contract except Tyson and Draymond.

Peterson is awesome, and so is badged out KC Klay with the foamposites.

Time to truly grind domination now!

Big O was a great pickup. He’ll be my backup PG for a long time.


Try Marc gasol

I’d split up Curry/MoPete and mix with Oscar/Klay.

Three of them are shooters, but only latter two are defenders.

Only need one shooter to spam trailing threes. (I run AM Curry + RU Klay and I actually used Klay to Dime to Curry.)

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Will do, great advice.

Have you tried Marc?

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Not yet, I will once I complete this conference in dom


Definitely solid he can do everything Tyson can do and shoot the three well with good badging

Also, against the GO Magic teams in Fantasy, the other easy cheese is to bully in post against small bench guard units.

So you can stack a bench of Oscar, MoPete, and KD, and I think the CPU will always put their smallest guard on Oscar due to height. Baby food!

Curry, Klay, and Jimmy give you 2 out of 3 good defenders. Will have to pick you r poison as to whether Curry guards Magic or MJ, for example, but you can outshoot them with Curry trailing 3’s anyway.

I think I had good luck not worrying about defending Magic so much as just bombing threes like a madman.


Current lineup for me

What it may look like when I get home


Yeah Marc is a beast. Release is on the slow side but he can shoot the 3 pretty well

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I’ve seen Chris mullin popping for 90k and lower ps4

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Question here. Is KD at SG/SF a good idea?