Lineup Tweaks

Atm I’m being tempted by the new cards but Im only sitting on 300 k Mt . Would like to add Either lebron , kawhi or pippen to the squad what moves should I make with 300k MT

Melo is the obvious choice to move in my opinion. Good scorer and all but his defense is nothing compared to what LeBron/Kawhi would bring. You could also upgrade Pip from Diamond to PD

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Does Timmy work out for you at C? That seems like a slot you could upgrade.

If it was me:

  1. Remove Timmy and move Mutombo to starting center.
  2. Move AD to bench center.
  3. Slide Giannis to starting PF.
  4. Upgrade Pippen to the PD & move him to starting PG.
  5. Move T Mac to starting SG.
  6. Move Melo to bench SF.
  7. Move Klay to bench SG.
  8. Buy Kawhi for the starting SF spot.

This is scary AF, and you might even have a little MT left over :+1:t3:

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Yeah bro he’s been a beast I the post and on the boards for me

this is the squad I would have by the end of the night if I were to go through with what I have in my head . Just not sure of this offense will click


I like that lineup with a stretch 5 imo.


Sounds nasty to me. So fast on the break, some good 3 point opportunties.

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Yeah thanks bro ,

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You will absolutely wreck people on the fast break if you can get stops lol, and the defense looks good.

I might have to fuck with this lineup. I love Klay in there to just change the geometry.

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