Lineup tips to avoid being equalized?

I just had probably the most blatant equalizer experience in my last game. Players ignored all of my defensive settings, I missed 3 wide open dunks, Diamond Harden clamped up my PD Giannis while Ruby Porzingis clamped up PD Blake.

I’m tired of dealing with this shit, what kind of lineup do I have to make to avoid being on the shitty end of equalizer? How many Ruby’s and Amethyst? How many diamonds can I have generally? Thanks

Depends on matchup.

Tough it out until the 4th


Just happened to me to man, bricked so many wide open 3s with good releases I just fucking quit. No point in trying when you’re being obviously handicapped.

I run with 3 PDs, 6 Diamonds and 1 Amy, I get matched up against every kind of team still. I find if im missing shots I usually make I need to get to the basket and get easy layups/dunks the game can’t screw me on

When I feel the equalizer happening try to get easy buckets downlow to shift the momentum, once it’s in your favor shots will start to fall, I played a game yesterday where at one point I was shooting 5-20 down 15 and by the end of the game I won by 10

I played a match last night with blatant equalizer. My opponent’s Magic averaged 20 points and 5 assists lol then my Magic got 4 fouls in the first off bad animations

A lot of times the game will go back to normal in the fourth quarter so you just have to keep it within ten

Best tip for it: be friend Mike Wang