Lineup Suggestions?

I have 1.3 million MT, and I’m looking for some players to get.

So far my lineup is:
Empty-PD Tmac-Opal KD-PD Spotlight Giannis-Opal Wilt
Westbrook-PD Hield-Empty-PD Siakam-Opal Tacko

I might move Giannis to the bench and take Siakam out of my lineup (I will then also need a starting PF). I want to get GO LeBron for starting PG. Any suggestions are appreciated.

i like siakam more than giannis but you do you. ben wallace is a good bench sf. most good pf’s are expensive af so thats why i like to run rewards at that position. there are a lot of good pg’s, but if you want to spend all ur mt on bron bron then do it. i wouldnt, hes hardly better than draymond whos sub 130k and hedo whos sub 230k

I will only buy lebron if hes around 700-800k