Lineup suggestions

Working with 100k

I’m sorry I can’t help you if Hedo stays at the 1


Agreed. Hedo at 1 is :-1:

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I average atleast 25+ a game with him what’s wrong with him to you guys just currious

It looks like you set screens with PF/C and either shoot behind them or pick and pop with Marc which is extremely annoying/takes advantage of BS things in the game, and I can’t offer advice since I’m not familiar with that play style

It’s cheese and takes no skill to do that.

I agree with them

Anyone who calls that cheese is just frustrated they don’t know how to stop it. There is much worse “cheese” than that. Personally I’m not a big fan of Hedo but I would definitely get a PG with HOF dimer to be the floor general. If you want to keep Hedo put him at the 3/4. Also Pippen is a better version of Kawhi. I’d sell Kawhi and run Magic, Harden, Pippen/Atheltic Shooting SF, Hedo, Gasol. Personally I’d replace Gasol as well with a more atheltic 5 but that’s again up to you