Lineup Suggestions

I have 52K, 28 various players on the AH still (none above Emerad), and the below lineup. I’m about 4-5 games into Domination with limited tokens. What suggestions would you all make?

Get Hedo, KP, and sapphire tmac

Is he helpful in domination?

amy hedo draymond and deandre

Finish dom with that squad and re-evaluate then

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You will need hedo in fantasy domination vs GO magic

Hedo is great. As is mo pete. Is emerald is cash from 3. And has 3pt plays. His ruby is also good but only has cutter plays. No 3s

they removed his 3pt plays? 2K on some ho shit

His ruby never had 3pt plays. Only his emerald

I think @Ddrop has a list of the best budget players.

Sapphire Ibaka

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I would just stack MT and would maybe even downgrade in some places to minimize contract costs. You’ll probably blow out every team

Where did you get those promo LBJ and Giannis? They come with some special edition or can be acquired somewhere in game by anyone?

Ruby: Darius Miles, G. Wallace. These are musts. Ruby Z.Randolph is great in dom, can hit open shots and postup. A bigger PG is also much needed for later domination games. Payton does a great job for steal spamming in dom games. You can get Dray and Hedo, Dray is useful when u face teams with Magic. Best Team for average budgets