Lineup Suggestions

I currently have 340k (Xbox). Been trying to get a good endgame card but they’re just out of reach price wise

You might be able to afford Magic EG. Personally, I love that card much more than Jordan. Plays great defense, great dribbler, and one of the best base 3 shots. Surprised you are not using Webber at SF.


Giannis plays so well for me because of his size and he’s badged up. I’ve been thinking about getting magic or lamelo but have been hesitant because of so many mixed reviews about him

At least on current gen, love him. Dribbles quickly unlike his other cards. Defense great. Offball, he gets 3-4 steals for me every game. Also great that he can guard most centers fairly well so pick and rolls do not work.

EG Magic is massively underrated.

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Teams fine, don’t need a End Game cards and Invincibles in every spot. But yeah, if I had Webber, I’d throw him in at SF. I run Invincible Giannis at my SF spot and love that card. Have 71 HOFs on mine

My team is pretty simialar except i have the christmas kd at the 2 and eg jokic at the 1. Only thing id like to switch is somehow throw eg lebron in there somewhere and im pretty much pleased for the year lol

Sold MJ and bought Magic, honestly a great upgrade. I like MJ but honestly he got cooked on Defense by bigger players quite a big and base 3 on Magic is such a quicker release than MJ’s

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I think I might try to snag the endgame giannis at small forward from the collection, for now my giannis just plays so well on defense that I haven’t felt the need to throw webber in that starting role

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You can do what I did and start Webber at SF, put EG Magic at SG, and get EG Giannis at the PF/PG position and put him in as PG. It gives much more flexibility (can always move Giannis to PF and Magic to PG at times) and defensively stops the opponents guards completely while giving both great/quick outside shots while still the ability to drive to the basket on anyone.