Lineup suggestion

Will diamond Magic Johnson and Diamond bird will fit to my team and would be a good buy ?

Starting LINEUP:

PG: - (Thinking about Diamond Magic in this position_
SG - Diamond 98 Tracy McGrady
SF - Diamond 97 LeBron James
PF - Diamond 98 Kevin Durant
C - Diamond 98 Kareem

B1- 99 Pink Diamond Lonzo Ball
B2 - 99 Pink Diamond James Harden
B3 - (Thinking about Diamond Laryy Bird in this position)
B4 - Diamond 97 Anthony Davis
B5 - Diamond 98 Hakeem Olajuawon

B6 - Diamond 98 Vince Carter
B7 - Diamond 97 Kobe Bryant
B8 - Diamond 98 Shaq

Currently i have 1.1 million MT and trying to complete my Myteam squad.

I would get Magic and Bird. Your team is pretty much as good as it gets after that. I think you should move Harden to backup PG and boot Lonzo for another SG/SF that you have like Kobe

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Boot Lonzo and put Harden at backup PG. Get Diamond DeRozan, dude is godlike. One of my favorite cards to play with, dude has the best animations, and tall as shit for an SG.

I just picked up Bird before heading back to work so I’m excited to try him although I dont have nearly as good of players surrounding him as you do.

I agree Diamond DeMar is a GOD! but i had him back then and I recently sold him. If i wanna get him back. I dont know where to put him.

If you need more scoring off your bench you can put him there. Dude is one of my go to scorers, and doesn’t let me down. Just couple of shooting badges on him and he is amazing.

There is a chance!