Lineup suggestion

Option 1: KD and inferno Lebron


Option 2: KD and TMAC


Option 3: wait until end of season and get these players cheaper?

Currently sitting on 3mil mt.

Depending on what lineup you already have. If you’re okay with waiting for a month to get them a bit cheaper then yeah, sure. But definitely Bron + KD if you’re buying - that’s a deadly combo


Do you think Bron and KD will get down to 500k each at any stage this season?

Option 4. Tmac and LeBron. I feel like ppl dont talk about tmac enough. My favorite card easy.

Of your choices, 1 or 3. I have the mt bu cant bring myself to spend 700k+ on another card. (I have the other 2)

I love tmac cards, he’s usually my go to card! But also really want this KD

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Well, on XB1 Bron is like 450k and KD is about 650-700k so there’s that. I think Bron will fall to maybe 400k but not more than that and KD around 550 probably