Lineup Showcase and Upgrade Suggestions

So I finally got around to unlocking my 3rd PD reward and my team is looking pretty decent. I know that’s not much of an achievement given how many people are on the Opal board now but I’m full no money spent and my wife and I just had our first baby so cut me a little slack lol. This is my 3rd year of MyTeam and this is easily the best team I’ve ever put together so I just wanted to showcase it and maybe get some tips on what I should do next.

I’m currently sitting at just over 100K MT but I’m still waiting on a few pairs of Js to sell so I should have a bit more soon. Any advice or criticism is welcomed and appreciated!


RIP in the chat boys lol

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I would probably start MJ at the 2, Barry at the 3, then use Grant Hill as your bench point guard, Clyde as your bench 2, and Melo as your bench 3…

Then maybe get Diamond Porzingas instead of David Robinson to start and figure out a way to play him and Richie Guerin together to get the Duo

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Looks good man.

Have you thought about downgrading to Anni Magic? You can catch him with Kobe mids and a contract turning him into a naked ASG Magic for like 45-55k. That would give you a nice MT boost because ASG Magic still not a bin and you could put him In the AH.

I would upgrade Maurice Lucas. Bob Love is 10x the player and only like 15k. Granted he’s an inch shorter but has a long wingspan and feels 6-10ish.

You could slide MJ to the 2 and grab Gary Payton for 20k to give you a HOF Dimer and defensive beast at PG off the bench. Lots of options.

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Congrats on your first baby bro :innocent:

Magic/Jordan/Barry/Di Porzingis/Oden


If you want,
You could switch Barry & Melo

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I prefer Melo at the 2 for spacing and matchups but I have been going back and forth on MJ vs Hill at back up PG. That Guerin duo looks gross but I don’t think I can afford it atm

Idk if I could let this Magic go man. He’s just so good and he does everything for me. I’m thinking Duncan is gonna be my next PD assuming they don’t add anything new to the reward market so Timmy would replace Lucas. Do you think Tim would be a better back up 4 than Bob Love?

I considered picking up Payton but idk with all the juiced PDs coming out now. I think I’m going to sell MJ when he goes out of packs as well. He’s been great for me but I expect more juiced cards to drop that do everything MJ does but for much cheaper like Clyde.

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Thanks man! My wife and I have never been happier than the day we finally got to bring our babygirl home!

If I run Melo I want him at the 2 for matchups and spacing purposes but I could be down with running Barry at the 3. How does Barry play at the 3 in your experience?


He seems fine at 3 :innocent:
Yeah Melo at 2 is great

You could run Clyde/Melo/Hill

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