Lineup Help?

This is my current lineup. I’m looking to probably upgrade my sg and/or pf, and I have 230k on ps4. I was thinking of something like diamond kobe and Karl Malone, but am curious to see what you guys think. (wade has diamond currys, so I may be fine w/ him at pg for a while)

Wade at PG is awesome – definitely keep him there. I actually think your lineup is really solid. You have some very nice cards which are great catch & shoot role players, and you do not need an OD amount of go-to talent.

I’d upgrade to Amethyst Porzingis, and I would sell and replace Amethyst KD and upgrade to the new diamond which just came out (that card should be around 200K soon). Not sure if you will have enough to afford that quite honestly, but that’s my suggestion!

That amethyst Porzingis is a good shout, I have just been waiting for a good deal on him. As for KD, although that card looks amazing, I just don’t think I would be able to swing that while also upgrading other spots. You think upgrading amy KD to diamond would be more valuable than upgrading either Klay or worthy?

Worthy can defend and run the fast break well. Klay is a proto-typical 3&D player and you have 97 New LeBron and Wade to run the offense through – Klay is awesome at just sitting for the open 3. Same with JR Smith. I do think upgrading to Diamond KD would help your bench.

A problem people often has is that they try and run like 10 97-98 overall players on their team – you need role players to help in SuperMax. The equalizer favors teams like yours.

Ok thanks. Only reason I questioned it is bc I don’t have much of a problem w/ my bench in terms of scoring, but I’ll keep an eye on KD’s price over the next few days and see where he goes to.

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