Lineup help

Hey guys! Got some solid suggestions last time so figured I’d give it another go.

What would you do next? Trying to make a plan on who to grab next time the market crashes. All suggestions are appreciated.

I’m not sure I’ll keep Lucas over Gugliotta. Happy with Moncrief bc he has badges/contract/white kobes, but he can always be a reserve. I also like Redd’s scoring but his defense concerns me a bit. May upgrade to Limited Kareem when I see one cheap enough. Just grabbed Pistol Pete on the low and love his dribble animations. Not sure there’s a spot for him.

I currently have 650k+, but don’t want to spend it on Klay. Considering maybe Drazen/Granger, but worried their prices won’t stay high for long and am hoping to play for awhile. Also would be a big hit to my total. If PG13 drops he may replace Butler. Not a fan of LeBron/Kiki, but many say KD. I’m trash with his jumper but may give it another shot (have gotten down many I was uncomfortable with this year). Have been looking at Clyde as well. I don’t mind his jumper but worried I’d lose too much shooting. If he gets similar animations to Beasts Clyde he’ll be a fantastic slasher.

I would sell draymond, mutombo, mashburn, pick up granger or klay, probably granger since he would be cheaper, kobe or drazen for redd, if he not shooting good, what else does he give you, put drazen and granger starting to play off of magic and have kobe coming off the bench with moncrief and butler, add another shooter tho, someone thats 3 and defensive or 3 and dunk, i.e. JR smith, shane battier

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Thanks man! What is a good price for Granger? I’ve been trying to sell Mutombo and am waiting for Draymond to go up in price to sell. Would only make around 10k off of him for now. Have been considering Granger and waiting for him to not cost half my MT. After trying most Diamond SFs I’ve determined that Mashburn is the most well rounded and best for me besides Granger. If anything I’d grab Granger, bench Mashburn, drop Redd or Butler (probably Butler, which hurts as a Bulls fan). Feels weird using Butler without a reliable middie/fade.

I shoot really well with Redd. I had initially only grabbed him to flip bc I found one for so cheap. Defense is slightly concerning. Gave him a try and I get so many green lights. Only shooter I have more success with is Mitch.

I was trying to win Kobe when he was in packs but he’s another I’m hesitant to spend big money on to bench. It will be tough for me to drop Mitch, as he’s been the cornerstone of my lineups since last year and is always my best scorer. He provides what you are suggesting I’d gain from Smith/Battier (less dunking that JR, but still conservative and rarely blocked dunk package). JR is another I’ve been eyeing though, just seems expensive for an Amy that will likely be dropped shortly. Battier could be a good replacement for Butler but I’ve heard he has a slow jumper. Fingers crossed for Diamond PG13…

How many assist do u average with magic

Just over 6 right now. I know that isn’t great, but I’ve mostly been playing challenges since I got him and still used to getting most of my scoring through Mitch. It’s been a process for sure and hopefully I can start using him more effectively