Lineup help

First one is my team now, second one is what I’m gonna make my team I think, what do you guys think?

I think it would be an improvement, but also think you’d have some defensive issues with Drazen and KD, especially playing at the same time. Could probably use a bench center too

Edit: I’d consider starting Butler and running JR, Mo Pete at the 2 & 3 on the bench

Yea might start drAymond and move Kd to the bench with a defensive centre

Maybe you shouldn’t run jr at sf, he’s decent on D but still he would struggle to play D against bigger SF

That sounds a bit better. Like with Chandler, DJ, Mutombo. Draymond may not be best for stretching the floor though bc of his jumper

Yea that’s what ima do I’m gonna throw in ruby chandler he’s pretty nice