Lineup Help

Alright, so I need advice!

Here is my lineup atm. I dropped Diamond KAJ, and am probably going to pick up PD KAJ to replace the Amy (he’s really just a placeholder atm unless I get a different suggestion).

I am thinking about selling Diamond Lebron because he is worth some serious MT atm (about 150-170k) and I bought him for 100k.

I have 60 tokens, so if I sold Lebron I would move Manu to the 2 and pick up Diamond Baron or Charlier Scott to run the 1. I like that Scott has nice size, but know his animations blow and Baron is amazing.

So, do I just keep Lebron and pick up PD KAJ? Or do I sell Lebron, pick up PD KAJ, and save for the next crash?

Or, better yet, I could sell Lebron and buy PD Magic :smirk: HELP ME

Sell lebron, wait for the crash and upgrade Amy KAJ. Baron is better than Scott but Scott is taller, and if manu is your 2 then you’d have a very undersized backcourt. But if you don’t mind that, then grab a rewards pg and sit on your MT til prices go down

PD KAJ is also expensive af atm. When you want to buy now then go for Magic, sell Oscar when you have to.

If I sell Lebron, do you think if I switch Manu to the starters and move Melo to my bench 2 it would be a good move to make since I would be undersized with Baron at the 1?

If Oscar and manu are your 1 and 2 then manu becomes more of an offball player which looks like the opposite of how he was being used on the bench. It might throw off your play style. But if you don’t mind using manu as a true SG then it would work for sure

I’ll just have to experiment a bit and see how it goes! Any other suggestions anyone? I could grab a different diamond if needed such as Rashard or Peja. Should be picked up to be on my bench instead of moving Manu? Peja would be a 2, or Rashard would be a 3 while I move Darius Miles to the 2.

Whats your MT budget ?

I’m sitting at 203k atm

From your lineup it looks like you like to play with size but not 3 pt plays. Do you shoot alot of 3s with your point or wings?

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Sell Bron, buy Kobe, put him at 2, Melo to bench 2, sounds good ?

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I like to play in the post a lot, but I will run 3 point plays if the post fails me a few times. I shoot an average amount of 3s

Think Kobe is worth the MT? I am a big Kobe fan, he is a bit pricey atm tho so it does worry me a bit

I got him, his beyond amazing.

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I am sitting at 11-0 again as well, so if we get Hakeem next month I will have a solid post player as long as I win my last game.

If you could sell Bron for 170k and buy Kobe for 250k or so you would still have 100k left or so.

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If you mostly use the post, i would agree that PD kareem or magic are your best bets. I would lean towards PD KAJ for the 11 Hof Badges and posting him would still give you the spacing of 5 shooters. Magic seems to make everyone better but i think Kareem is a whole offense by himself. Havent tried Kobe though, Knezius’s suggestion sounds good too.

Only thing that worries me is my Amy KAJ atm. I guess he isn’t too bad tho, and he doesnt play too much as my bench 5 so it’s not too suspect to use him.

100k should be more than enough to change amy KAJ to Diamond. Then you could sell him if its pink diamond hakeem

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I’ll wait to see what Lebron goes for tonight, if he goes for 150k+ then I will sell mine tomorrow. Then I will either pick up Kobe or I will see what PD KAJ is going for. If I can’t grab either one then I will grab a diamond reward to use as a last resort. Or I will keep an eye on Magic to see if I could pick him up maybe.

Sound solid?

What’s your thoughts on Ewing?? I picked him up earlier and he’s been playing good but I don’t know about 100k good. How do you get the best out of him in your team?