Lineup Help

This is my squad rn. I grinded to 1000 cards and now im selling and locking collections for tokens. Got Hill as my first reward and he is killing it. Ill get enough tokens for a second one tommorow and i want someone who used multiple reward PDs to help me.

How is Pierce? Im thinking of going cheese mode with Hill at the 1, Pierce at 2 and Melo at the 3 ( i aint moving Melo he is literally a PD). His speed scares me a bit, makes me think he’ll become outdated soon.

Is Duncan a post god? He would me my first choice if there werent so many PD PFs and more to come (Larry Johnson).

Those are the 2 im between. Dikembe is nice but tbh Eaton does the job and i feel Hakeem will be the reward next month so not in a hurry and stockton should be great but Baron works for me.

Ill appreciate all input.

I’d put Rashard lewis at the 4. He’s good enough on def/rebounding, can score from everywhere from half to the post, tall as most traditional PF’s, and quite fast. I’d consider a different SF, maybe kiki if you have the MT. Since theres not many cards right now, you’re probably fine for now. Just something to consider for the near future.

I’m not hating’ but I’m kinda hating lol

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Lineup help?!?! Pd Jackie Moon and GO Babs Bunny will have you $250k richer :face_with_head_bandage:

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