Lineup help

Budget player here for the most part my bad if it’s sideways I’m taking advantage of the duos rn but I’m open to any suggestions tho thanks

Finish up the playoff agendas. Both DM Looney and Butler will make your team much stronger. It may sound strange, but diamond Kawhi is really amazing and at least was pretty cheap. GO Ferry great and not too expensive at this time. Like him better than most DMs.

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You think the diamond kawhi is better than the PD cam reddish ? I have ran the kawhi yet and would say butler for melo and Looney for pettit

Those are my top cards

I have Cam and like Kawhi better. However, Cam better if you run him with his duo. I just really liked Kawhi’s shot and his defense is amazing. He seems to get a few steals for me each game. Even now I leave a spot on the bench for him in case there is a player I am having trouble guarding.


I know it seems odd, but do you find the diamond kawhi to be better than the pink diamond one?

i think ur team is perfectly fine, but i would definetly add pd klay or pd wiggins, or if u want to go that extra mile, save enough mt to get ur self another dark matter (from the takeoff, swish or fearless sets)

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