Lineup help....two Ruby rewards to redeem

Which Ruby rewards would you recommend? I have enough for two. Malone is my coach, and Wade and Garnett are both Saphire…
Got Barbosa first, but he hasn’t supplanted Dame mainly due to his slow release… thanks very much for any advice

MRR and Ray Allen


Ray Allen got me through Dom, until I get Redd. Even gold Ray Allen was good in the Wade challenges.




MRR Is a defensive beast.

Side note: I know you’re asking for Ruby rewards, but Ruby Rondo is dirt cheap and he took over the starting PG from MRR for me.


I also like Sven Nater and Horace Grant, but depends what kind of bigs you like. I use mine to rebound, screen and play D. Horace is solid.

MRR should be your first choice though, then Allen

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Rex is more fun than Ray Ray imo. Also Antoine Walker is beautiful. Can do everything with a smooth release

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I’ve had a lot of success with Ruby JR Rider and Wally Szczerbiak. It depends on the style you play that determines which Ruby cards are best for you.

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Mrr will help you with domination. Ray was one of my fav players so i went with him.

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Thanks for all the good suggestions…I went with MRR and Ray Allen…pleased so far…next up will be Walker or maybe Abdur-Rahim…

I have enough Tokens to get my first three Rubies but haven’t bothered to redeem yet since I won’t play any above guys I’m evolving in PvCPU.

But I’d get MRR as #1, for sure, and then probably Michael Cooper and/or Bill Laimbeer.

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I went


Cooper stays at the end of my bench for d purpose. Great lockdown guy

Rahim is BOOTY

Mikey Ray & Ray Allen.

MRR can get you like 3-5 steals a game, even on harder difficulties (if you don’t mind nearly fouling out lol). Even if you like to run offense-first PG’s, throw him at the end of your bench for when you need him. But he’s still a great facilitator and his shooting stats are fine, just has a slow release.

Ruby Ray is just a lights out shooter. You run those plays to get him open off screens and shit, and he can single handedly win you games.

Honorable mention for Larry Kenon.
He’s not for everybody, but personally, I think he’s my favorite Ruby after Mikey Ray. He plays like that Ruby LeBron. Great defense and driving, with a shot easy enough that they gotta respect it. Huge player model. Just a solid card

How is Horace Grant?

stop what ever you boys are doing and tune into carlo

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I like him for offline play. Good rebounder and really good defender. Can finish around the rim but can’t shoot at all

Depends how you use your bigs. I like defenders and rebounders

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Where is sapphire Muresan?

Ruby Swen was solid thru most of historic dom for me. Also recommend MRR.

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If they give him a higher tiered card with a 3 ball, which I’m guessing they will, he will be so deadly! I love his jumper!

Any reviews on Swen Nater, Maggette and Chambers?