Lineup Help - PD Harden or Diamond?

Should I sell my PD Harden, buy the Diamond and get Vince Carter or keep the PD?

Hoping for a Cousins/AD duo too

Keep harden swap him and derozan , you have to on ball with harden in defense

Also swap DeRozan for Havlicek starting at the 2 for wing defense

Do you 5 out , iso, how do you actually play that’ll help figure your line up

Do you on ball/ off ball

I 5-out, obviously :wink: , and I like having a tall PG thats why I put Derozan. Havlicek is great off the bench along Booker but I might pick up Westbrook for his dimer. I usually 3-2 zone and only off-ball when on the drive.

Try my line up swap once you might like it better

Pd harden with the ball controlling the game is scary , get a free dimes and drives… defender sags off pull ups and dimes … Then switch back to attacking

(I think you lose a lot of his ability running harden at the 2)

Should I try for Kareem?