Lineup for The Final Season Of Sweatmax

What’s yours

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Pretty much set I think.

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Seen a few people say ‘last season’, how do you know, has it been confirmed?
Also, you are the only person I have ever seen running Bogdan.
I had Curry but couldn’t make him fit for me, missed too many open 3’s!?
Kobe has been underperforming for me recently.

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11.500 exact

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Hopefully, I’ll be able to add Garnett.


We’re like twins in terms of lineups. That PD magic though… Do you like Porzingod more than AD?

Still not sold on rashard at this stage though

I like Dirk more then all actually but sm lag is killing him too much.
AD - Zingis choice is more related to centers. Hakeem defensive, Kareem more offensive so i try to balance that.

here is mine :slight_smile:

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Sabonis will be as thin as Porzingis at the end of games i guess :kissing_heart:

Who are you, sorry?

This season ends in June, around when Finals end

Dude, pick up Havlicek to replace him. Card is amazing. Closes games for me, most consistent player from 3 I’ve experienced all year

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Only 3 people have Wes Unseld- not bad. Do you have him sitting in the corner and draining threes like he is fucking Ray Allen? (shout-out to my man 2kisterrible)

I use him cause he’s a good defender and yeah, i put a 3pt shoe on him, so he is :fire:

I respect that, but at the same time it drives me mad.

Why? I run plays with him, it’s not the classic 5 out gameplay looking for a wide open center/PF :joy:

I packed Hondo, and he was great, but I sold him. I think I’ll pick him up again eventually, but I’ll see what the new promo brings and see if it has an impact on his cost. My other option is maybe bringing pd Lonzo and Kawhi of the bench in place of curry and rashard

It’s just the fact that I see him all the time and he plays nothing like real Unseld.

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