Lineup for End game

At this point all im gonna play is schedule mode and replay domination games so I want diamond contracts on all my players and I don’t care if they are OP just fun

This is my lineup rn.

The only players who don’t have diamond contracts on my team are Embid, Magic, AD, Scottie and Shaq.

I only have 4k mt but im willing to sell anything, I need some advice on replacing these players with similar caliber players with diamond contracts.

Magic has the diamond dunking shoe and Scottie has blue shoes that boost midrange and 3


should I downgrade y Kobe to the 97 with a 3pt shoe and contract ?

Exchange kat for embiid to get the duo with simmons, I think you can afford it

who should I sell ?


opened one pack of duos on a whim and opened him lmao