Lineup advice?

I only have 24k mt after purchasing Oscar to finish the prime set , I really want tmac and was thinking about selling Jordan to make my way to getting him but idk tmac is so damn expensive

dwade over oscar is very very questionable

Oscar is starting I just need to move him over lol

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starters: oscar, mj, kd , ben, kd

What about kg?

kg at center my bad i said kd

Ehh he’s got a small player model he’ll get backed down

really? i dont think he’d get backdown anymore in the post then embild

Small player models matter trust me , plus kg a dribble god and offers more defense and shooting then Simmons

you do you then, just my two cents

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If you could only pick one mj or tmac?

Tmac for offense MJ for defense and post scoring

I hate his (Jordan’s)post fade-away animation

Sell MJ on Sunday and see what drops on Tuesday (we’re due a Opal SG) Tmac price might dip, then pick him up.