Lineup advice!

So this is my team. I always get destroyed by Giannis, so if I sell MJ I could get him easily. Just wondering if it would be wise to switch from MJ to Giannis.

It’s a lot of mt on the bench In Kareem. If you sold him and Jordan you could probably make a run at kirilenko.

I would sell Jordan or Kareem and get Giannis to run on the bench as 6th man, start magic and then just run a rotation of 9.
So you’d have


Giannis/manu/larry/MJ OR Kareem (you sold 1 and kept the other)

Switch MJ and Scottie. Pippen does better at guarding bigger SFs at PG.

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Sell Jordan and lebron for magic and giannis imo. Nvm u have magic.

Magic, pippen, giannis, blake, hakeem?

For my starting 5?

I got kareem on a snipe and I love him, I just start Hakeem because he can shoot if I need him to.

If you don’t love MJ/need the mt, then sell MJ, move LeBron to the 1, move hedo to the 3 or pick up diamond KD and move hedo to the bench 3

Sell Mj, get Giannis or Arenas.

That MJ is hot garbage when it comes to driving 90% of the time.

Yeah for ur starting 5.

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I like MJ a lot, and he hits a lot of threes for me. His release is butter and I badged him out, but i just want to know if Giannis is worth reading him for, considering he is 100k cheaper

Ive never tried MJ but im pretty sure giannis is better. All depends on how u play tho. I dont like running giannis at point tho, prefer magic. Giannis is good at SF for me. Unless opponent has a midgit Point gaurd

Jordan is the goat in real life
Giannis is the goat in 2k

Yes yes and yes