Lineup advice

Looking for help on starting lineup
PG- Rod Strickland
SG- Ray Allen
SF- JR Smith
PF- Kevin Durant
Center- Anthony Davis (heat check)

Isiah Thomas
Eddie Jones
Elton Brand
Julius Erving
Scottie Pippen

Thinking any dirk as my next token reward or ruby shaq as a backup center. Beyond that, any ideas where to go or who to save up for next?

You need atleast 1 rim protector, regular domination rewards amethyst Mark Eaton if you’re budget player


Thanks, I brought in Shaq for some extra rim protection. Dirk and Eaton are next, should I bring them off the bench?

Rod / Ray / KD / AD / Shaq

Eddie / Rider / Pippen / Buy Porzingas (5k) / Eaton

Abuse post ups with Shaq as the other 4 of your guys can shoot. Pnr with Rod and Shaq. Get some 3 pt plays for ray and kd and shaq will body with that gold brick wall and model.

Eddie Rider Pippen Eaton. Wow the bench will have lots of defense. Clamp and get the fast breaks going. If you dont want porzingas you can get Lafrenz since he has 3 pt plays

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Gotcha. Would you sell JR smith and get somebody else?

oh shoot forgot about jr lol. Bench SG or make ray bench SG.

Appreciate it. Like how lineup looks at first glance that way… I think I’ll keep JR over ray for now because his release seems easier

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