Lineup advice, where next? ~ 400k ~ available

This is my current lineup. Leaning towards completing the Malone collection (only Butler and the GSW Ruby left) so I can get rid of Noah. Looking to get maybe Diamon Kareem and running Malone+Banchero/Noah/Wallace off the bench.
20k away from PD Booker (becomes GO when dynamic duo activates) so either Harden or Cunningham goes to the bench.
Starting domination this week so I can get both Hayward and Brodie too.
Are those good additons? Should I lean maybe towards diamond Embiid? Or KAT? Open to suggestions. I have Amy Allen to run at C as well. Has done wonders for me so far.

Rule #1 don’t lock in sets. How many games are you winning? I would definetly use Towns and Allen as my Cs.

When you get Hayward, Brodie and Booker I don’t see any reason to spend any more MT on upgrades for the Immediate future.

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To be honest I would get Hayward and Sabonis.

Then you can run Cade, Booker, Hayward, Bridges, Sabonis as starters.

Bench could easily be

Sell Blake and Harden while they have value.

Use that MT to fill in your squad and bank bulk MT.

Bench could easily be Dejounte/Caruso, Mathurin (I assume you have him with the Cade lock in), Wiggins, Larry J and Noah.

Move Isiah and Dumars to end of bench if you need to run them together.

Save the MT and run a fun squad dude.

I think most people are going to have PD Kareem because he is not that expensive. I would suggest monitoring his price. May be worth picking up so you can match up with other Kareem’s. PD Embiid is good, but you might as well get Kareem at that price.

PD Westbrook is great. He or Worthy would be my suggestion for trophy case players. Westbrook’s division has better players than Worthy’s.

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I’d try to pick up Kareem if anything, his a beast, price is fairly good as well.

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I would echo this - Kareem is amazing and a steal at 300k

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I love locking in. I am a collector more than anything and I always try to get as many cards as I can. I am going for the MT Uniforms and the Wooden Ball.

Sabonis is one I am getting to. Harden and Blake are staying, the are untradeable, I got them from the packs from the weekly challenges in the releases.
Arent Bridges and Larry undersized to play the 4?

I wish I had your luck on packs. As someone who has had Sabonis for awhile, he is good but not great. We start Jarrett Allen in front of him now. I did snatch a cheap diamond KAJ. He also was better. Sold him for good profit but considering PD KAJ if can get one cheap enough.
Go for Westbrook. Best PD I have used or played against. I do not have Worthy, but he is the other reward player we have trouble with.

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He was going in the low 200’s this morning so I pulled the trigger on mine for 235K

Damn, you got TWO PD’s from those weekly packs? I’m out here doing them every week for a gold or an emerald lol

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Got PD KAJ for 200k about 1-2 hours ago. Wow. Only player this year I got that was not BIN and even then only rented (still got profit back each time) anyone above 20K except for Sprewell and AK (latter was 25k with 2 extra HOF badges).
I just got to say…WOW! The only teams not destroyed are those with their own PD KAJ. He plays like Bol Bol on steroids. He is a must get if able to. Added D shoe (+4 3pt, Ball, Speed with Ball, Lateral Quickness, Pass acc) and HOF QFS along with badges for Catch and Shoot.

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Great get

I got him for 205 myself.

What badges are best for him? I am about to get the Unlimited badge pack

I would say QFS at HOF. Also catch and shoot, blinders, midday Magician. Options still considering would be Dimer (everyone should have Dimer in my opinion though) and upgrading fast twitch. Slithering might also be good.

idk if u like harden, but i would sell harden and pick up pd kareem and ray allen (or dwade)

if u want to keep harden pick up kareem or hakeem

@post_ostertag @Eric66 @Koldegaard @myBongasGOATED hi guys! Sorry I didnt update! Managed to get a PD KAJ for 190k when he was about 250! Super glad I did, he is amazing! Completed the Malone set, the Bridges set, got Booker and also Larry Johnson got a shoe to hide his weaknesses.

Harden and Blake are both unauctionable so they have to stay one way or another, I like them tho. I am close to the centerpiece from TTOffline so I should be getting Sabonis and Brodie in no time!

Current lineup:
Harden-Booker-Bridges (becomes a PD w DD)-Blake-KAJ

Amy Curry (I have his release soooo down)-Cade-Larry J-Malone-Noah

Wiggins-Wallace-Hayes-Isiah-Dumars-Stoudemire (I rotate depending on what I feel I need the most)

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The OP names himself postcheese. Great name by the way…Even the amy Kareem with the right shoe boosts is a great option. He can post and mash and draw double teams all game. He is missing a 3 though.

Got it from when I was first playing 2K in 2014 and post fades were OP! PD Kareem is just too good, I love him. Yesterday got 16 blocks while casually getting the 47 curry points challenge