Lineup Advice. How to work in Larry Bird

So I’ve been using this lineup minus bird and got to diamond league in Supermax. Trying to pump myself over the hump and get into PD next round as a personal goal. I have around 280K MT to work with and picked up Diamond Larry Bird with gray Kobe that boost Speed and SWB for only 70K. I’m trying to work him into my current lineup, but also open to any advice on how to improve my current lineup with the MT I have.

Couple of things, I want to have a player with 3 point play starting and on the bench. Klay, KD and Larry all meet that requirement. I also want a stretch 5 that can shoot 3s since I like mixing in pick and fade plays pretty regularly, hence why I have Gasol and Sabonis at the 5. Maybe I can move Bird to the 4 on the bench and remove Draymond? Or should I move Draymond to the starting 4, and have Bird as the bench 4? I really only have AD there for defense and rebounding. I rarely ever use him to score unless he does a nice cut or gets an offensive rebound for a nice putback.

Of course, I have the 260k MT to work with too, but I was hoping for another crash before picking up some players. I wanted to upgrade to a 98 LBJ to replace my allstar LBJ, but the allstar LBJ has been doing wonderfully for me since I don’t shoot a lot of 3s with him.

Sorry for long winded post. Any suggestions on how to integrate bird into the lineup or replace some players with the MT I have is appreciated. I have been so hesitant to make big moves since I’ve had relatively good success with my current squad, but also looking forward to trying some new players before this game cycle is dead.

Maybe remove draymond, put bird as bench pf, and buy diamond (or pd) kat for starting c instead of gasol

Thanks for the advice. I thought about that especially since KAT seems to be dropping in price and has a very good 3-ball. I was interested in Gasol for his HOF defensive stopper and rim protector badges too. How has KAT been on defense for you? Gasol is also slow, so extra speed from KAT would be awesome.

At this point, I’m also contemplating switching out Diamond MJ for PD TMac. My MJ has the dark blue jordans that increase open 3, but he has been very inconsistent from 3 for me. I have kept him around because I picked him up for only 90k with the shoe and contract and also he’s a personal favorite of mine. At least once a game, I try to do the iconic free throw Jumpman dunk and listen to the commentators scream - its the craziest response in the game. Wish videos allow recording of sounds so I can listen to it Hard for me to give him up, but the PD Tmac looks like a beast.

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Never tried pd tmac but everybody say he is awesome. I had gasol as my c and he was slow and also missed lot of rebounds, whereas now i have kat and he is waaay better: grabs ton of rebounds (because of HOF hustle rebounder) and defensively can switch on everyone! Only downside is his release: it is a bit slow, but i like it because it’s easy to green

If you wanna work with the players you have I would put Lebron at PG for Kobe and put Larry in at SF. Lebron is a better playmaker than Kobe. Larry with that grey Kobe shoe is very good. Get rid of who you like the least between MJ, Kobe and Klay at SG. Since you have Bird and KD at SF you have 3p plays in both units.

Maybe you upgrade to Heat Lebron then you gain HOF dimer. Or if you are not that big of a Lebron Fan get a real PG like PD Penny or Westbrook.

Or wall

yeah just swap out draymond for bird