Line Up help

This is the current squad, I know Durant and Bird are coming soon and I want to get on of the 2. I can get both but I fee like it’s not worth is considering the team I have, If I do purchase one of them where the hell do they fit into my line up? Do I sell LeBron? LeBron has been just a role player ever since Carmelo and Big O joined the team lol. Any suggestions?

Lebron is a role player in this game.

you need to work on your bench

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You think I should throw Durant and Bird off the bench? Just rotate them with the starting lineup?

Will see the stats / badges, Durant or bird on the bench is kinda wasted but if you are stack why not.

I think they are gonna be better than melo but we can’t know yet

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I’d move AK to the starting 3, move Kawhi to the bench 3, and Bron to the bench PG. I know you locked CP3, so you feel the need to use him, but I don’t think he’s the right player for this year’s game.


Damn that’s what I was afraid of, that’s tough but it makes the most sense considering the state of the game. Thank you for that!

Also, of the two upcoming anniversary cards, I’d go with KD. He can be a deadly mismatch at the 2 for you, and then you can get rid of Maravich.

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yeee, KD seems to be like the right move.
Throw him at the 2 off the bench and IF I do end up getting Bird then put him at PF off the bench.

I’m also waiting for GO Shaq to replace Hakeem then Hakeem can go to the bench 5

Are you in the GO market yet?

Sadly no. I have about 2 million MT to lock in to reach the GO market but then I’d have to grind TTO which is a problem as I don’t have time to do so. Which is why I’m locking for Shaq