Line up help please (recently sold Giannis)

Since I got LeBron, Giannis just doesn’t make enough of an impact on a 5 minute quarters game. I’m cool with not having Giannis because LeBron carries such a heavy workload. Here’s how the squad is looking with the 2 missing pieces I recently sold. I’m sitting on 580k. Do I slide LeBron over to the 3 and get a new guard? Do I keep LeBron at the 2 and get a SF? How should I fill in this team?

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Get PD Roy, and get LeBron the fuck out of that 2 guard spot.

Also, the new Kawhi card is lights out.

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Sell giannis ? what am i missing something


New kawhi

But never shoulda sold giannis…

I woulda played giannis at c on the bench. Or starting. Hes. A monster at c

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LeBron took over what Giannis did for me on offense. I can use the MT instead of him averaging 6 points a game

You’ll be fine without giannis I sold him for lebron too

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Never thought about center but honestly LeBron does what Giannis did but 10x better (for me personally). That’s why I just went with the MT over keeping him

I agree with you. Giannis is overrated, in my opinion.

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Well he’s obviously a great player. But he needs the ball in his hands in my offense to score. And since I got lebron, he was getting some put backs every now and then or fast break points. But he can’t pull up from 3 or mid range like LeBron and LeBron is a tank going to the rim just like Giannis is

So diamond kawhi I feel like is the move for my SF…


If you get Kawhi and keep LeBron, I’d put Kawhi at the 2.

Definitely will try that I appreciate it

Just make sure to badge him out and get him a good shoe.

I’m looking for a specific kawhi with a shoe…whats some good shoes for this card

If i can find one on auction house for a good price I’ll just pull the trigger on that

I got way fucking sick of scrolling through hundreds of Kawhi’s looking for one with a shoe and just went and bought a shoe.

Lmaooooo definitely understandable…I’m scrolling literally thinking the same shit.

What shoe is on your kawhi

Get Pippen

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