Limitless Range

Is it worth it to put that badge on Gianis? I don’t shoot a lot of threes with him. I try to use the cards as close to their real life counterparts as possible.

Worth it.

Not worth it at all. Gold limitless doesn’t work that well and if you’re taking threes from the logo with Giannis you aren’t using him right. Literally a complete waste of 15k MT

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I don’t shoot a lot of 3’s with him either, but Limitless does come in handy from time to time. I tend to find him wide open in 3 point territory, but he’s always standing like 5 feet away from the arc.

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I have two and would like to sell them as they are worth quite a bit.

Wasting… U do it wrong if u pull up 3s with Giannis way behind the line.

I only like to take threes with him if they’re wide open. I like to attack the basket and hit him cutting. Much like the freak plays in real life.

Sometimes Giannis gets left open from there and if you hit just 1 it can scare the opponent on defense to commit to onball. Then you just keep driving again with Giannis. Mind games.

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The Giannis and Magic dream lol

Exactly. There’s one spot in particular that he hangs around a lot for me: a few feet to the right of the hash mark on the left side of the court. It’s outside his hot spot zone, but for some reason I catch him there for a couple wide open, catch and shoot deep 3’s a game. A funny thing I’ve noticed is that his corner hot spot is on the left side, but he shoots more consistently from the right corner for me. That being said, I only usually shoot about four 3’s a game with him on average (only wide open) and he’s making them at a 46% clip.


Most of the opponents I face with Giannis just zig zag at the top of the key in 5 out and go for the blowby. I appreciate the fact that it seems nobody on this thread uses him in this terrible manner lol.


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Anybody who owns him uses him in this manner at some point during the game lol.

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Dribble moves and jab steps are so much more fun in ISO’s though lol. I honestly don’t mind if someone triggers the blowby on me by breaking my ankles in half since that actually takes serious practice and skill, but I HATE the goddamn zig zagging so much. It’s not that it’s too difficult to defend or anything, but it’s as boring and repetitive as watching the Rockets offense lol.

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Haha. Brutal to watch harden dribble around for 20 seconds then jack up a step back three. He’s still dirty though.

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Worth it bro limitless range isn’t all about pulling from the icon as most ppl suggest but it is actually just a step behind the 3 point line which is a shit you may find your self taking if they sag a lil I say get it