Limited Time Locker Code




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Drum roll please… CLUTCH PACK


Nice. Has anyone pulled a pd or d from any of these locker code packs

Lol same

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I got pd luka from draft pack and diamond glenn from draft deluxe both from codes

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Sold luka but not glenn

Possessed pack - sapphire derozan

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Idols Manu - Ruby Embiid

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Board pic? My triple threat w. RJ showed up

How long?

Random 3 packs I assume. Might be wrong. I got clutch, flash one and jason richardson. Got clutch

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Thanks same board structure as a tier 3 triple threat by chance?

Jan 8th

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It’s like 2k20 limited codes

Best you can hope for in these is a good bronze badge.

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What were your packs that you could get

My packs were: Finals, Jason Richardson SOG and Dominique Idols: Series 1

I got the Finals Pack

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Ok so random.

Flash 1 brian scalabrine