Limited Time Event Speculation

What do you think will come in today s limited time event?

I hope to hell it’s not a weekend full of crappy mystery packs.

I hope it’s something on boards hasn’t been something like that in a while just start putting all auctionable cards back on TTO

I fully agree with you

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empty mystery packs?

MYSTERY PACKS. Get ready to quick sell some shoes.

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The only mystery will be whether shoes will be bronze or silver

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Limited time event:
Buy or sell a card in audition house and obtein a token

Instead of ball packs it’s gonna be jersey packs!


mystery packs are so annoying,every player starts playing mad off ball and shit for a bronze shoe smh

Super duper mystery packs. Chance at bronze consumables and more outdated Opals.


I hope that we get something good for the final send-off for 2K20 today.

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I think mystery pack with free 2k21 digital version code

So have they not updated the limited event today?

2k players: we want it to be a guaranteed opal pack after every win in any game mode
2k: Let’s do 200mt after every domination win


Token Market update tonight lads?


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Mistery pack of contracts for every win

I think it will just be an advertisement saying something like “All packs now in Pack Market”
Or something like that rather than an actual event.

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