Limited should be for the entire week

why not?


It would not be “limited”, lol.
But seriously, we all would love a sweat-free online mode, but probably no one would play Unlimited except the top comp players

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They had in 2k20 as an online weekly challenge.
No one played it.

When they announced Limited mode last year, we all thought it was meant to be an elite competition for great rewards, just like FIFAs FUT champions weekend league.

But the only thing we got is a painful grind with bad cards for mediocre reward which are already outdated as soon as they are available.

The worse thing ist that the system to get a ring is totally random with no criteria, and that’s an absolute joke if you ask me.

I play max up to 4-5 games on the weekend and don’t bother myself at all if i don’t get the ring, so from my pov it could be only for a day, not even the whole weekend

Why not all week exactly. Wish they would.

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it takes a couple hours to get a ring

if you want an unlimited game mode, play unlimited lol


i like limited for the lineups restrictions, not for the ring or the packs


I actually wouldn’t mind if limited lasted for an entire week. I mean why not fr? Limited is about the limit they put on your lineup and sometimes I like that.

They should have daily limited for prizes. Win a game of Limited using only Atlantic Division players for a Deluxe Heat Check pack and 5 Tokens. Something like that everyday would be fun.


Limited should start Thursday night imo

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The final week should be the amount of rings you missed

Painful grind? I got my ring in 15 minutes. If this is hard I don’t know what to tell you.

It’s random for everyone. I gave up on the mode after grinding it for 2 days straight without a ring.