Limited Season 7

After 5 Rage quits, ring in the middle. Ran 3 different lineups. Wizards, Lakers and Hawks. Lakers got the best overall squad from what I ran into as multiple teams ran them as well. Should be a fun a weekend with different lineups all over the place. Going to try the Cavs and magic next to pickup some extra rewards


Got my ring in the middle after the second game (rage quit after 1 basket). The first game was a full game.
O ran a Boston Squad with
Amy Avery Bradley
Ruby Smart (badged him out like crazy)
Diamond Posey
PD Garnett
Opal Dino.

I love these requirements. Good for variety.


ran with OKC

dm Giddey
ruby Dort
amy Jeff Green (duo)
pd PG
d Ibaka (duo)

I believe your top card can only be 1 Galaxy Opal.

that’s correct. my bad, it was initial lineup. had to change Giddey to SGA

I will probably go with a Wizards lineup. You will probably end up seeing them a lot this weekend since Deni/Rui are cheap. They become two galaxy opals with the new duo. Then add Wes Unseld and that is 3 opals. PD Wall at SG and maybe evo’d amy Javale at Center.


Exactly the lineup I ran lol. Here’s my hawks squad for anyone interested.

Amy Salim
Diamond Huerter (Duo)
PD Reddish (Duo)
PD JSmoove
Ruby Okongwu

Also don’t forget about ZG Deandre on this squad and with the duo, reddish becomes a DM and Huerter becomes a GO.


What are the requirements, guys?

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13 players from the same franchise. 1 GO, 1 PD, 1 Diamond, 1 Amy and 1 Ruby. Rest are samphire and below.


Going with Spurs. Found cheap Timmy with 23 HOF badges and DRob with 13 plus my Kawhi has 12. Duo good as always.

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At work currently but going through 2kdb and thinking the Suns aren’t looking too bad to run with and Duos.

PG Diamond Penny
SG PD Nash
SF Ruby G. Green or Ceballos
PF Amethyst Diaw
C GO Amare

Got ring in the middle on 2nd ‘game’. First game quit after 1 q and second quit after 1 made 3, haha

Ran with:
D Avdija
PD Dischinger
R Rui
Opal Unseld
Amy Evo Javale


Still trying to get the ring. Saw it twice day 1 but guessed wrong.

Randomly today it told me the same lineup I used yesterday and once today, didn’t meet the requirements. I figured out it’s not letting me use amy Javale in the Wizards lineup. Had to switch to ruby Kristaps.

Went 5-0 with exact same line up. 5th game, first time ring showed up and was in the middle. Strangely I fist was going to use Caron Butler instead of Javee. Had not really used Javee before but he was really good, although I did give him a 3pt shoe and Corner badge. Deni/Rui duo are really amazing.

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Went Deni/Dischinger/Caron/Rui/Unseld.

Totally unfair for the opponents. Unseld went for 40 in the only full-length game.

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This is the team I’ve set up to run when I get home

Deni is giant. You can paint mash with him and kick to the open shooter.

Alternately, coz most guys have lesser gem-level centers, just give it to Unseld after inbounding and he runs past opposing center for quick dunk. He does get blocked a lot, however.

This three opal lineup is totally cheating…

Literally first game against exact identical line up. Guy quit on the 2nd play of the game


Does anubody know which card for the bulls is glitched and won’t let you use 13 bulls? I just don’t wanna go through all 13 of them.

Sort it out?