Limited Season 6

Might give that a bit of a run just to try and get some packs. Cheers mate

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I went Murray, Walker, Battier, Bonner, Bradley and got the final ring on the ring and chose Fultz. Hopefully it’s option packs again next season.

Yo…I think 2K forgot to add the promo packs to the limited prizes this weekend. I am undefeated in about 30 games or so and haven’t seen even ONE promo pack. WTF???

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I did get the 98 ovr D Rob but no packs to be seen.

Damn, talk about terrible match making. One guy I cannot beat. He’s popped up 9 times straight for me now and I keep quitting out straight away each time! PS5 Perth, Australia. Can’t tell me He’s literally the only one on the servers here! Where’s the variety in opponents? I’m not going to buy D-Rob just to match the same persons match up

Wonder if you can match with someone in Melbourne… What’s your Gamertag in case we ever do matchup?

Just my name pretty much. mfawcett lol. What’s yours?

chose stockton, and i am pleased to say he is my back up to simmons. i even sold d’lo and oscar cause basket ball john :upside_down_face:

Made the mistake of not getting the ring for 2 weeks as I could not care about Stockton and hate playing 5000 games waiting to see a ring. After 5 wins and no ring, would just enjoy the weekend. Played today and matched up to the same person five time in a row. First game opp quit after 30 seconds as it was an obvious mismatch and we were killing him. Next 4 times he quit on startup screen. We kept rushing to start with hope to match up to him again. Got ring after 3rd ring so have diamond contract, but hoped to get GO Robinson.


Got 6 rings but no player to choose from?

Go to Extras and Redeem Prize, your choice pack will be there

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I went roughly 50-2 or so in limited this weekend and didn’t see even ONE promo pack. This is the kind of shit I can’t tolerate… I spent well over $1,000 on VC this cycle to be thrown a heap of non factor players in the packs. Then they hold a 64 hour long weekend event aka “limited” and they fail to put the promo packs in with the “prizes”…SHADY AF!!!

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Did not play in the end, so just got the HOF Badge pack - Brick Wall, so all good