Limited Season 6

What are you going with in the first weekend?

This is mine:

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I was thinking of using the diamond Penny and Amylest Boris duo. My Penny already has extra HOF badges. Would do that with PD Gasol.


That’s who I’m running. 8 or so wins, no ring has even appeared yet!

I hate that. Once you get 5 wins 2K should just give you the ring.

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I’d be happy with 10 even. Ridiculous

Finally!!! On a rage quit and on the right

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Just played my first limited game of 2k22. Ring on thr left first game after an early rage quit. 2k really does try and sucker you in, haha


I had it like that whole last season, got the ring in 3 games max always, twice in first game.

This week I am 8 games in without seeing it :frowning:

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Have seen it 2 times on the left side and went right as always. Now saw diamond contract in the middle and could not resist to take it…and ring on the right of course. :man_facepalming:

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D Penny duo
R Mobley
A Diaw
R Kuminga
PD Gasol

Really good. Lost first one though but won second. Ring :ring: n the middle.


I am changing my lineup every game. I have used the Hield and Cauley-Stiff duo quite a bit. Bonga at point as a no brainer when I don’t use Cauley-Stiff. Either the new Kobe or PD signed Kobe quite a bit. Diamond Klay with 15 HOF badges some games. PD Odom some games. I like to mix it up.

Ring on the left in the 2nd game plus pulled DM Kareem. I should just retire happy.


Time to hit Las Vegas or Atlantic City

Got to love the first win with the ring in the middle.

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I ran.

  1. Ruby E Bledose
  2. PD 75th Kobe
  3. Diamond Austin Reaves
  4. Amy Devean George
  5. Ruby Metsu (he makes hella whites)

Bench I ran Magic, Corey Maggette, Julius Randle. Didn’t play anybody else. They were just there lol.

Had fun with Limited this weekend. Was nice and chill.

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I used
Amy Monk
PD Sig Kobe
Ruby Bogdanovic
Ruby Draymond
Diamond Jordan

I used Ruby Magic more than Monk. Metu was solid. Bogdanovic had a bunch of clutch 3s

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Have they announced a pre-Limited challenge yet? At work so cannot check myself.

No. This is the 2nd week in a row that hasn’t given the usual limited challenge on Thursday. So looks like they aren’t doing that this season.

That is a shame. It was fun getting the team together before limited and practicing, and the rewards were usually good.

The weekly limited warm-up challenge with a reward card that is useful for limited was one of the few things 2K totally gets right and they take it away…SMFH