Limited Roy in Unlimited for 1st time . .

I decided to take him into Unlimited tonight for the first time. 1st game forced a rage quit in the 2nd quarter (with a Mitch Richmond 3, though). 2nd game it was a Battle of the Fucking Titans:

What really surprised me about Roy was his defense (4 steals total):

I forced it a bit early before settling into a groove with him - I never went out of my way to keep scoring with him, his points just kind of happened in the flow of the game. Once you get that 3 ball going, the D panics and closes out HARD - At that point it is easy to drive/dunk/dish. Here’s the box score:

And here’s the team comparison:

Ths game wasn’t even as close as the score. I loved the diamond but this is some next level shit.




Ha, he had a limited Roy as well. How did his do?

I have unlimited Roy and that boy is a MONSTER.

He does cause a lot of loose balls

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@star5CR34M also, what coach / Shoe did you use?

11 points, I believe. My D was on point all game.

White Kobes & D’antoni.

@star5CR34M did you pull him or buy him? I’m really tempted but man he’s pricey and the price doesn’t seem to be going down

Bought him.



So this Roy is your Megatron :dagger:

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:joy: Practically Unicron



wtf is this show? must be fun to watch while drunk

Mine is from the Transformers movie from the '80s (it is AMAZING).

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Maaaan Roy is one of my favorite players ever! I can’t wait to buy his PD. What price you guys think he’ll settle at? Should I get him now while he’s in packs or wait?

Limited Roy is the best card in the game. It isn’t even close. Spread the gospel.


I think the floor is about 400K for a while.

GO Worthy would like to have a word with you.

Nah… Roy’s release is the best. Easiest to green. Easier than Base 11.

Should I drop 600 on him I flipped my klay for 430

Really? I pulled the :gem: I’m going to have to go into Freestyle & Check it out then to see if he’s worth the price. The problem is, I’m only 26 cards from CWebb & I’m not bailing on that.

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You can get the 26 cards. Instantly sell them and buy Roy

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