Limited Rewards

1 game, 1st quarter rage quit, ring right in the middle.

D Marbury
Amy Levert
Amy Bron
Amy Horry
D Porzingis

They were dominant. Played a few more games to stack some Thanksgiving event cards. One guy was just mindlessly mashing with diamond Kareem, but other than that, I didn’t get much resistance.

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It’s through Sunday, still.

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Nice. I can’t play today and probably not a lot the whole weekend either. And of course it’s the time when there’s a whole lot to do in the game.

With the long weekend, not difficult. Some position locking just to get a game played. Second game got ring. Started:
D Lowry (really underrated card)
A Kobe
D OG (def worth the easy grind)
A Aldridge
A Allen

Finally got a few vault players yesterday. Of what was left, got Manning (likely would have gotten him anyway)

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Ended up going with Magic, Kobe, Durant, Dirk, Chet. 1st full game on the right.

Took Eddie. Thinking of saving all my Thanksgiving Exchanges and might take Danny Manning…

The exchange is for Season 1 Takeover players only, no? I went with the HOF badges.

if you collect all 15 of them, you can lock for a PD - it took me a while to figure it out (and I must thank people on this forum that mentioned this, otherwise I may have not find it out)

the set is under My Team, My Collection, Season 2

I understand it is a (random?) S1 PD, but I have not got there yet

Yeah, the PD is a random one from Season 1, apparently. Typical stingy 2K. Oh well, at least you get a HOF badge, too. I’m gonna acquire 25 of them, to lock in the 15 for the set, and then get the two additional HOF badges in the exchange. Almost done, just need a few more.

Eddie is good. I got lucky and got him as a reward the day before. However, def get Manning. Had to play 3 games of TTO yesterday for the card piece. Thought to try something different and went with Manning, OG, and Heyward. Those 3 killed. Manning really fun.

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Played and won three limited games in a row. Had the ring on the left after the second game but didn’t get it. I don’t want to play it any more. Never had to play more than 3 games for a ring before.

I traded all my pieces for the PD, lol. Got Draymond from the Exchange. Going to save and maybe grab Manning or possibly 2 HOF badges. Going to play some more Limited for some Exchanges.

Is limited the best way to get the exchange cards

I was player locking through clutch time offline. First day I got three packs and all three had an exchange piece. Second day I got 5 packs and zero exchange pieces. I pulled a diamond Wadeand some +4 shoe boosts though, including 3pt