Limited Rewards

Out of all of the Limited Rewards, assuming the one at the end of the week is mediocre

Who will you take as your Limited Reward card?

Jason Kidd
Shawn Kemp
Tony Parker
Alex English
Bill Russell
Donovan Mitchell
Andre Iguodala
Deron Williams
Elgin Baylor
Lamar Odom

Iggy at this stage with Kemp and Donovan as my next 2 choices. Kemp has the potential for a Duo with Payton if they drop him soon.


Im probably gonna go w either donovan or odom. I would personally stay away from elgin baylor but outside that im not sure if any of them r bad.

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Kemp and Iggy look like beasts!!

Donovan is nice, I got him.

I also like English, his release is easy and he is hitting open 3s no problem. His dribbles are slow af though, but if you know how to set up a middy for him he is automatic. 6’7 Sg is also nothing to scoff at.

My heart wants Elgin though :smile:


I missed English, Odom, Russell, Kemp and TP. Kemp is probably the best choice especially since I just sold Banchero. Hopefully the last one is great because I’d rather have a true big man rather than Kemp.

Was hoping for GP but I got Kidd in tto last night and they would pretty much be the same card unless there is a Kemp duo in that case I would grind GP and take Kemp from limited

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Agree about English. His shot within the 3 is automatic. He drives great. 3 shot is fine. defense is great.

Really want a good PF and thinking about Odom or Kemp, but is it really tempting to get Iggy.

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Kidd is a monster, i can get a triple double with him easy… with gold/diamond shoe boost, you can get all his defensive stats to 99s…


literally. he gets so many steals its insane. john stockton was like that but kidd is bigger with a better shot

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How did you miss Parker? He’s still available.

i’m not even going to try. i have russ, spida, and kidd. also i’ve been hearing he is pretty bad

If I had the chance to pick one from Limited, it’d be between Iggy and Kemp. Would probably lean towards Iggy. I haven’t used either but both seem to be usable for some time.

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bro, i am so mad i missed the first ring in limited because i was so focused on the trophy case players on week 1. By damn luck I got shawn kemp from the vault and he is unreal. Would recomend kemp, plays unreal defense and is the best rebounder. Offensivly smooth jumper and unreal finishing. Other player I would get is iggy, I been clamped, dunked on and scored on by iggy.

Get kemp or iggy.
don’t go for donovan is because too small, will be abused on defense.


I missed the 1st ring too, it sucks :frowning: I am still smoking that copium, believing they might throw us a bone and give us an option to earn 1 more ring.

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Exact opposite of everyone. Have all rings to date but away this weekend. Not sure if will make it home early enough Sunday to get last ring.

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Thanks to Covid I was Home last weekend and will get my last ring today. I want to take Kidd because I got Kawhi and Bowen for my wing. But I love Iggy too as a player​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

If you don’t have Kemp or bigs that you really love then I would definitely suggest Kemp. He dunks everything. He is really fast and can attack closeouts with gold quick first step. Has a nice release. Maybe the best overall takeover card.

A lot of good options though. Just my suggestion.

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Don’t take Kidd. I have him and I run him only when it’s a blowout. He’s not bad but guys like Rose, Westbrook, Mitchell are all better than him at this point. His release is not as slow as it has been in previous 2k’s but it’s not particularly good either. Definitely go for either Iggy or Kemp.


Are there any trophy case packs in the postgame rewards this week or is it just attribute boost packs?

i think the most best card might be bill russel

I took Kidd, just saw your reply😅
But I like him so far. I don’t play Unlimited, so it’s ok. Like West he gets Steals like crazy for me.