Limited reward reminder

Just a quick reminder to leave your reward cards that are duplicates unopened in your reward packs hoping that next months exchange rewards are going to be fire. Once you open the pack you must sell them or exchange them but if you leave them you’ll be able to redeem what is a useless card now for something great in the future hopefully.


already messed up… -.-

didnt know you could do this, must of discarded at least 20-30 of these cards

most likely the exchange is and will be worthless…


You never know … honestly can you debate a 800MT -1,500mt quick sell vs selling a PD OO card to the exchange?

Go look at how expensive Ja Morant is …for a shit PD exchange card. Sorry man, quick selling reward dups is just stupid.

i know and when the season dropped. i made around 150k from that single ja morant^^

Hahah fucking nuts - idk how someone can say it’s not worth it to save money extra original owner cards

FYI to exchange the card you need to exchange the one in your collection then open the pack to add it to your collection then repeat

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I hope this helps everyone out!

if i will never use them cards. yep i’ll take the quick MT.

but a good reminder for people who wanna do that, sure!

All I’m saying is you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s impossible to know what exchange rewards will be in months. Let’s say they throw some older god card up on the exchange that requires 10 OO PDs… even if PDs are 10k originals require packs which I will never open… just saying the minimal MT (if you really need 1,500mt we’re on different planets haha) is not worth it. No matter how you break it down you can’t convince me it is worth it. You can make that in TTO game lol

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didn’t want to convince you. everything good. just telling my side. i understand your statement.


I get you, but I don’t hahah your opinion and your team. You do you brotha, just trying to help out of course and never mind a healthy debate.

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