Limited Packs! PD MJ, Arenas, Zion, Embiid, Ben Wallace, Westbrook, Webber and Pierce

out of position just in time for 250k


Good odds? That would be new.


something cheesy before 250, as mentioned. i saw this coming. i don’t think it’s OOP or Gltiched Promo, but we’re gonna see the glitchiest cards yet, bc they sell packs. but both the players within the packs and the pack themselves seem to be sorta new/different.

still doesn’t change the fact WE ONLY GET WEEKEND/FRIDAY CONTENT. gonna go on a little rant here, and i apologize in advance!

2k having that daily content season last cycle might be the worst thing that ever happened… here’s why: i think they realized that this daily content doesn’t make them any more money, so they stopped. again, putting money WAY IN FRONT of consumer satisfaction. sure, a company should get the most money with less effort, but when you’re a multi million dollar company, wouldn’t a loss of a thousand dollars be worth the satisfaction of the community? i’m quick to praise 2k, but if i’m gonna point out all good they do, i have to criticize them as well. it’s becoming a blatantly obvious problem. 99.9% of all decisions made trickle down to the revenue.

not saying it NEEDS to be everyday… but we need more than just 2/7 days with an occasional third. idc if the agenda card you give us suck, or maybe there’s a series of challenges you throw in for 10k mt… give us something… it needs to change and i don’t think it’s talked about enough.

alright sorry guys i’m done! if you read that i’d love to hear your stance… even if you completely disagree!


Positionless cards. Or a height promo, 7 foot 2 steph curry.


I feel you on this, 2k need to keep the content coming and do like madden and give us some back. I dont mind grinding for a good reward that dont deal with sweaty online games all the time.but you know 2k dont care because they know we going to play their game no matter what. They always been play to win and they will never change unless they have competition.

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As long as it’s not like those stupid Possessed packs where certain players are only in packs for 6hrs.


I reckon you are right, oop packs for the 250k qualifiers makes sense

I hated those packs and the ideal of it. You had to get all three to get hof clamp and range badge. Then they had us up waiting every 6 hours to try to get the other player .

Probably CAP. When 2k teases I can’t remember it ever being very good.

WNBA packs with some random great NBA cards thrown in to make people want to open them.

alright here we go… late night half asleep thoughts… here’s my wild guess…

EVO PACKS… with a twist…

evo the card either for a “glitched” boost, or “oop” boost. could be very interesting and would add more diversity to the mode.


That would actually be a really nice concept. And because of that, 2k probably wouldn’t do it

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I don’t see them ever adjusting a players height outside of something like KD being 6’10" instead of 6’9" and players like that.

If they made Steph Curry 7’2" it would just look weird. They already adjust the play style, the actual height being adjusted would be too much.

With the promo I wouldn’t be shocked if it was some Evo cards, I am slightly excited for whatever it is. Hopefully it’s something decent.


WNBA maybe?

More likely some kind of pick pack like draft.

Only thing we know fir sure is 2k will mess it up somehow.


It hints everything will burn before 250k tournament as it usually happens. Don’t keep expensive cards.

Interesting twist: Your current team will cost half the price it was this weekend.

A negative glitched serie , like a NG Mutumbo with 45 block but 85 3´s and speed , a NG Stockton with 45 pass but 85 post move and dunk , a NG JR smith with 99 IQ shoot but 45 in speed and dunk , a NG Lebron with 45 everywhere , a NG Tacko with 99 everywhere …
Would it surprise you ?
Well in the 2k perspective which is the number of pack sellable … i would’t bet on this :sweat_smile:

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I’m thinking height glitched or positionless. Madden’s most feared drops the same day so I’m assuming it’s something “scary”. I was thinking maybe we finally get masked players but all the good ones have dropped recently. Would love to see WNBA cards glitched to fit into the mode though. I will spend it all for a Cambage card.

Would love some WNBA cards even a PD !! Would be fresh

Positionless cards , market :fire::fire::fire:

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Let’s hope they don’t do WNBA players. They did that in NBALM along with influencers and football players and it was terrible. Everyone hated it.