Limited MJ vs Lebron

Who should I pick? I want MJ because he’s the GOAT. How much better is limited Lebron vs his unlimited?

Idk if it’s been the servers but my Lebron feels like the opal did… given jordan only having 23 versions of that I would pick him up because you can just buy the limited Lebron for 800- a mill which is a lot but it’s way better than the millions it will cost for jordan

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Regular vs Limited Bron difference is smaller compared to Kobe and MJ, but he has a way better player model with the limited version.

It’s your first limited?

“Are you sure about that?”

seriously tho if hes that cheap then its a no brainer but last I checked he was around 2mil

800-1M? Limited Lebron goes for at least 2M500k

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Last night I saw one sell for 900k but that’s on Xbox…

Yes first limited. I just feel weird not having MJ and the unlimited Lebron is already really good

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Definitely MJ. He feels much better and able to make use of his all 99 stats cause of his animations.

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Im on xbox. might be a visual glitch idk

I was just peeping it through the night, I’d get mj if I had the choice to do it over again tho, like I said my Lebron other than being a bully in the post he’s shooting pretty much around the same as the non limited did, jordan with those extra badges tho has to be fun

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If it’s your first then go with whoever you prefer.

I picked Kobe first because I was in love with his regular Opal so I couldn’t miss the limited.

And after I took Lebron because MJ is too similar to Kobe. Same height, same plays, same position, same badges. Bron is another animal, can play 1-4 and defend 1-4 easily

But if you feel like you WANT MJ, grab him. You can’t be wrong anyway with those cards

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If you got kobe it’s a no brainer to get Lebron 100% agree with the post

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Gotta go with the :goat:

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I think I’ll go for MJ. I have to grind 100 more tokens so I still have time to think about it

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I have to grind 503 tokens to get the third limited, MJ

It’s my last mission on this game

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Im over here thinking I can bang out 14 sets of TTO offline easily for the tokens and then I hate myself by game 3.

So true lol. It’s incredibly boring.

Funniest thing to do is to try players you never used before

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I have a ton of opals I havent even touched. opal klay curry lonzo pierce etc

Limited and unlimited LBJ are exactly the same, the difference in attributes is minuscule and the extra HoF badges are nothing special.


But the player model is a 1000 times better for the limited, and he can get Sharp/slash

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