Limited Lineups

Whats yalls lineups looking like?

I had PD Mutombo, Dia Tmac, Amy Smart, Amy Wagner, Saph Chet. Ruby Ayton. The rest were random.

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I ran PD Magic, D Eddie Jones, R Stephen Jackson, A John Collins, A Jarrett Allen. Tried not to make substitutions because the bench of sapphires and emeralds sucks. Got the ring after the first game, played some more to get three wins. Quit out from a few as well.


I accidently put Clamps on Mutombo and he is really good against the pnr/5out guys now. He annoys the hell out of people and is good enough on O for me.


I had Ruby Ja, PD poole, D Kawhi, and amethyst giannis and mo bamba. Luckily i got the ring after my 2nd game🙏


first game was an L, next 4 we’re quick quits within a min and then got the ring after 3 Ws

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Simons, Middleton, Kawhi, Giannis, Bamba.
Barely put the bench in.

Then i locked in the set to do the fire & ice xp
Murray, Winters, Covington, DMiles, Blake

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Bamba is killing me everytime I face him. Equalizer much?

Wow error code after a fam3 so I didn’t get my Ascension board. That sucks - anything I can do?


Using Lonzo Ball, Reddick, Diaw, Batum, Porzingas. Diaw/Batum duo really good. Also use Wang/Yi duo on bench.
Wining games but ring always in the wrong slot.

diamond marbury
ruby jimmy butler (or ruby MJ)
amy tmac
amy john collins
pd kareem

ring on game 2

For the 80 overall limited lineups. You can try something like this if you want a Big like AD, Duncan or Kareem with shooters around them. I believe you have to use a gold or under coach to get to 80 with this lineup.

I used Dia Dejounte with speed shoes. Unstoppable.

Ruby Ayton is also great this week and Saph Chet

The Sapphire Yi - Emerald Wang Zhizhi duo was absolutely perfect for this. Was able to use those two with a PD PG (I used Magic), Amy Gerald Green, and Sapphire Bogdanovich (S1 reward); also changed out Green/Bogdanovich for Gold Brandon Rush and a PD SG/SF of your choosing.

Ruby magic makes a big difference

Went with PD Lonzo Ball, D Mathurin, Gold Kawhi, Li/Wang duo. 3 games and 3 wins (and not even the appearance of a ring). Habit now of stopping playing limited for the weekend after 3 wins. Not sure if will try again as there are other agendas to do. Just got Opal Davis. 5more centerpieces to go to get Duncan.

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This week went with:
Ruby Magic
Emerald Pip
Ruby Brown (MVP)
Emerald KD
Ruby Carter

3 games, ring on the left

I ran:

R Ja
R Jaylen (agree, he’s great)
E Tim Hardaway Jr (found one with a good diamond shoe, great shot)
E Giannis
R Wendell

Bench: Kirk, Malik Beasley, Pippen, KD, Yao

Won all three games, saw the ring evey time, picked right the third time. Emerald KD is nice.

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Emerald Yao and Ruby Ayton had people quitting