Limited KAJ

Kind want to stack up on Mt. Anyone think it’s a big drop off downgrading from limited KAJ to Pd Hakeem?
Please let me know any suggestions to mix and match

My line up is:
PD magic
PG Gill
PD Giannis
Dia AK47
PD Hakeem

PG hill
PG manu
Dia Pippen
PD Larry J
PD Duncan

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Great Line Up
I would Suggest Another shooter on the
Starting 5

Replace Lj with Giannis

Edit: I read It wrong it was gilbert arenas right?
Swap AK and Giannis I think you need someone with 3point plays

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Yeah it’s Gilbert arenas, thanks bro appreciate it! I’m gonna try that out

I used magic as starting PG
Arenas as Sub PG or SG