Limited Glitch

Has anyone seen a glitch happen where they’re able to get 2 rings in the same weekend? I wasn’t able to play at all last weekend and when I got on this weekend it said it was week 1 and I was told to use a Bron or MJ (but this weeks lineup restrictions still worked) and because of that I was able to get 2 rings and 2 HOF bagdes this weekend alone.

Bro what the fuck. Had I known that I would’ve played still


Bro I had no idea, when it said week 1 I thought it was just a visual glitch but I ended being able to get 2 rings. I think it has something to do with the fact that I didn’t even log in at all last weekend.

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So do u have tony now?

Wish that worked for me! I could use last week’s ring! (I got this week, but it’s in the 2nd slot).

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No, I was able to get last weeks ring that I missed and then this weeks, but not next weeks.

Bro I got glitched and got 0 MT as my reward MULTIPLE times from the rewards after a Limited game.

Classic 2K.

I see

Happened about 10 times to me. Have to take that first prize or it’s 0mt. I wonder if I won too many (not bragging but I have to be 35+ Wins to 5/6 losses. Haven’t lost in my last 20 or so. Friday I was sweating.

Bro, I was thinking the same. That’s the most I’ve ever played Limited in one weekend and probably had 30ish wins and one loss.

We probably got all the available Rewards for the weekend :joy:

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Good hopefully this works this weekend cause I was a sick over the weekend and didn’t play at all

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