Limited Gil cheap?

I just got him for 240k? It wasnt a serious bid either. What’s going on guys lol, is this meant to be russ hype?

idk but enjoy him

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I have him with foams already Haha. I need to flip but I dont want to sell and get 240k lol

Sell on Sat during tourney. The sweaties will want him

Thank god i sold him for 600k. This would kill me as a seller.

That’s a quick spectacular drop tbh…
That card is really dominant.

I sold mine thinking I’d get 450k… got 313k for him. Bought him back immediately after card is way to good for 300k

250K DAMN that’s good, what console ? i got mine for 300k with shoe and contract on xbox , cant be more happy he is nice

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Xbox as well. I bought one for 330 ish with shoe and contract last week for me to use. This one was only at 240 with a few minutes so I said what the heck I’ll bid.

I almost bought him, but having CP3 and Magic locked in, I don’t have a spot for him.

he is great to play at the 2.

My SG is covered as well, with PD Pierce not even making the rotation…

You souldnt have lock this CP3, gilbert is like 10 times better :smiley:

That’s highly subjective. I don’t like base 11 and Arenas has nothing on Paul other than height.

hmm its not dat subjective bro, i mean gilbert can attack the rim like the best slasher in the game even if he’s short

Not sure why he’s so cheap…I bought him for like 500K :frowning:


Because 95% of players are convinced that they must use SF instead of real PG/combo-guards.

Whatever great is a card you missing 4" here.

I’ve paid for him 450k, and he’s staying.

Pierce is such trash.

Yeah I’m not really tripping cause I got a lot of mt but its annoying af that people have to cheese SF at the point guard position. Gil is one of the best cards in the game right now so I’m keeping him too. I like him more than CP3

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Played my PD Normal Arenas vs Giannis. Guess who torched Giannis’s butt. PG13 because I took Arenas out of the lineup.