Limited edition packs

So how many Jabari Parker, Coby White and Jalen Suggs cards in these packs because I opened 5 so far and each pack contained one of the above mentioned players.

2K scamming again!


Only way u half way win is opening the 20 box for the pd topper but you paying $80 for one pd and to hopefully get lucky from any of the 20 packs. Only mj worth pulling mt wise but better off getting mt for that price because u can get every player in the set for $80.

I suspected as much but 2K should be ashamed of themselves. They shouldn’t even put gold cards or lower in packs other than League packs.

At least there is no server errors anymore. And not because they fixed it - way less people are playing.

2k a money hungry company to base their ideals around money. This content is bad for it to be 250k tournament. You think we would got some op cards because 2k know we looking to have the best cards possible but instead they gave us some of that play like diamonds.

The sad thing is that they allowed free agent cards in the 250k tourney.

@Cashed_up_bogan I lost to the dude that got first, he had a full starting lineup of FA cards…. Beyond frustrating going against all of them. Giannis was absolutely torching my whole team.

so far i’ve used all of the cards except the pds… and none of them are super effective…

simons outplays both Coby and Jalen

Culver just flat out sucks

Jabari got shit on by Randle, but he was the most effective for me offensively

Yao is too slow. he got the worst interior animations and only blocked 4 shots in 3 games

Zingus got outplayed by ibaka and sucked on defense

Gallo was decent all around, he seemed clunky but was probably the best card i used from the set

there’s something with Jamison… he’s way worse than Darius Miles

i won’t say anything about Odom… this post would be 10x longer than it already is


Thank you for the solid review. I will wait till season 2 to spend my PNO earnings on a draft ticket.

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the cards are worst than possessed hollowen.i dont know whether they can retain their value. its bot actuallu limited as 2k might might find a way to drop them in future promos/superpacks and they dont have locked like hof badges for holloween set

True but my game tends to crash in MT when I win challenges. No idea what’s up with that.

Sadly that’s true of most American companies now days. It’s about how much I can make and how fast I can make it sans any real customer service or decent products.