Limited Broy>PD Kobe

Yay or Nay ? I find Roy much, much better, how about you ?



I assume you find both to be better than d wade


Yes 100%

Yes sir

True dat, Wade was terrible for me, his low FT did not help much tho.

Yeah, it’s true, I ran roy off the bench, and was able to do more with him cause of his quick release.

But i still ended up staying with Kobe

Mainly cause it’s Kobe, I’m a Laker fan, and I may lock in GO Blake.

Justifies it enough for me lol


Haven’t used either, but Limited BRoy is one of my least favorite cards to play against for sure. I’d much rather have to play against someone with Kobe.

He’s like a watered-down JR

Yep, but tbh who the fuck is Brandon Roy?

B roy completely nasty but Kobe is a stud on defense too, and IDK he just always shows up for me.

Ive used both and Id say they are about equal.

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Kobe is goated in this game


Kobe for me.
Roy is a bit better shooter because of his jumpshot being faster, but I don’t really chuck 3s.

Kobe is a better defender, and midrange scorer.
Roy is maybe a bit better dunker.


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Roy the better dunker? What cards are yall playing with?

Roy is better offensively. I personally prefer Kobe tho due to his post fade and better defense.

This game is booty cheeks but limited B Roy is the best shooting guard to release. He plays like a curry that throws down like Kobe

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B Roy is the best card out there imo too much fun, he my starting sg with kobe on bench…

Agreed. Nice quick release with BROY as well.

Correction: Limited Broy>[insert any auctionable card].

He’s every bit as good as JR if not better. A big factor though is whether you have a feel for his release. I can literally green it with my eyes closed and I was dominating with the diamond before, so the limited PD kind of feels like cheating sometimes. I can’t say enough good things about this card.