Limited Bron Takeover problem

Itself base with D’Antoni is Sharp/slasher

Any chance to get a slasher/playmaker or even lockdown takeover?

Since I wanna play him on 1

sharp/slasher is the most op takeover for him imo, i don’t see any need to change


yeah bro the slasher is totally fine i can keep it, but I cant deal with his shoot, therefore very hard to get da takeover. Miss lots of open 3 or move 3

Idk what your talking about his takeover is op and his shot is money

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I drop at least 30- 40 with him a game

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i got it man, just saying playmaker might suit me more, which shoe do u put

I have the cp3 shoe on him but it doesn’t make much of a difference. When u get takeover try more fade shots for some reason he hits them all the time

You can’t change takeover on all 99 players. I tried everything with Jordan.

thanks man ill try moving 3ps!

Thanks buddy im jealous of your Jordan!:star_struck: