Limited Bron and Kobe or Bron/Scal/Jimmy?

What you guys think? I have enough for either Bron and Kobe or Bron and a couple other opals?!

I already have MJ and am pretty stacked everywhere else. I don’t think I want Pettit or McHale. I’ve got Worthy. The others are just meh.

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Definitely not limited lebron cuz u can get the unlimited for the low and he got a duo

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These new duos screwing me up. I was planning on getting limited lebron but seems even more pointless now with AD duo on unlimited, he was smallest upgrade over his unlimited other than upgraded player model. Might have to go with MJ because I wouldn’t use Derrick rose with the unlimited MJ. But then again maybe just pick Kobe? Now I’m all confused


Lol I don’t want to have to run AD though. I get it even without duo he’s a beast but I’ll have over 3500 tokens to spend def grabbing Bron. I’m torn on wether to get Kobe or not. I loved Amy Jimmy all year prob one of my fav cards so his Opal I’m sure is nasty…leaning that route.

Mj is a god I lowkey regretted him at first but that’s cuz I was running him at point. If you run him at sg and get his moving down he’s an animal, as long as you have a big lineup around him then he’s fine at 6’6

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How much is Limited vs. Unlimited Bron going for now?

The Badging on Limited LBJ is pretty crazy.

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Bro it’s tough. I’m leaning Kobe now I think

A limited LeBron was on PS4 and the last I saw it was at 900k. Didn’t realize it was close to selling. Could have went for double that in the time I was messing around.

Reg Bron is bin or less. Buying the limited for me is outta the question no mt now after locking the tbs and going for 3k tokens. None on ah at moment.

Scal, Jimmy and coast.

Gotta get who u want tho. U decide at the end. So many opals def have to get who u want. Go w your gut

Ah, okay. So he’s super-rare/expensive, right?

I.e. there is no way that one could get it for, say…400K, right?

And who?

Jimmys jumper is just so pretty man prob my fav in the game so def leaning to him. And Scal speaks for himself. Lmao

Coast= chill that’s why west coast are chill folk

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Well i grabbed lebron before the duos and he’s not much different on court imo man just sayin… id grab kobe before lebron if i could do it again… you should scoop up jimmy he’s a beast at the 2 or 3 and nice ass jumper


I know the market came crashing hard today but I doubt it. If anything I’m thinking 1-1.4 and even that’s cheap. I saw one for 1.9 last night with a lot of time left.

Damn I seen you said this somewhere else. @Ballin247 = lightweight jesus, died for u

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Hahaha just sayin i aint mad i still like the limited MJ and lebron but i think kobe be better pick lol

Total respek. Brotherhood

Wettest jumper in the game right? The timing is just perfect not fast not slow. I’m not big on Kobe’s jumper though. I didn’t blow 1.3mil on tbs and Anni sets for Kobe or Pettit/Scal/Jimmy. Lol

I know what you saying though Limited is comparable. He’s my end game one might as well have best version ya know?

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Oh wow, okay, thanks. That’s untouchable to me.

The difference between ULTD and LTD lebron compared to price difference/token cost is hilarious. People are actually paying 1M+/1750 tokens for less than 100 attributes difference and essentially hof corner specialist, rim protector, ankle breaker and hustle rebounder