Lillard on the Cover of the Season. Maybe a Leak?

Blake isnt the cover of the menu anymore. its now green and with lillard.

could be they have a PD Lillard for Season 3 - as the reward Lillard with 100000x collectable cards is far away.

what u guys think ?

Idk maybe becase hes the cover athlete?

Its just a placeholder. It has been that way since season 1


You must new 2k

ah ok i was thinking of curry stayed there the whole season

Yeah thats what i thought at first but you see dame every time there’s an issue with the servers

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That Lillard season pic is in game files. I think they’re initially wanted him as first season player.

Curry and Blake located on their servers and loaded dynamically

that makes sense. thank you! :slight_smile:

2k’s way of saying: dont play this mode right now. The servers are not good


I don’t think lillard would be a xp reward since there is a collector lillard