Lillard and Tatum card collection progress

So for collecting 4,000 cards you get 1 token is this a glitch 2k hasn’t announced yet or do we seriously get 1 token ? :joy:

I’m also 1001 cards to lillard on 999 to go :woozy_face:

Currently at 1074. Lack of collector reward (and trophy/achivement) really turned me off.


Yep would be nice if we had things in between the 1000 and 4000

I just passed 1,300. But honestly, who cares? It’s ridiculous how stingy 2K is with collector rewards this year. No chance at Lillard until Series 2 or Heat Check type packs come out.


Just hit 1400 last night

I’m positive they’ll change that 1 token reward. It will be until March or April at the earliest that we can get 4000 cards so there’s no need to put anything there. Better to have a placeholder so they have to update the reward to something that’s relevant in the context of the game (ie, if 4000 cards are available at a time around when they drop new Opal token cards they can update the reward to 750 tokens)

I’m sure they have to give us more than 1 token lol… but sitting on 1367 rn (:slight_smile:

I am constantly amazed at how not left out I feel. I feel like this year’s MyTeam mode might be the least exciting and rewarding yet.


at 850 w no offline completed… really missing having “incentive” to get to a next level

And here I thought last year was shit. Shit Pippen that got slightly better with evo. Shit Jalen Rose that was just trash. AD that had basically 10 similar cards by the time he was attainable.

Good times.

Lillard and Tatum aren’t in the game and this makes me hopeful tbh. We won’t have to rely on an update, they’ll make the cards relevant to the current state of the game when they become attainable. We don’t even know their tiers. My guess is Lillard is a 98 Opal and Tatum is a DM


i saw on nba 2k21 most card someone guy haves like 2000+ cards

I’m at 1200, by the time i get 2000 that Dame card won’t even make the line up.

That includes shoes

This is what we got last year. A lot more reasonable and ones to collect along the way!!!

Collect 20 cards: 100 MT

Collect 30 cards: Auction House

Collect 50 cards: 85 Sapphire Dana Barros

Collect 75 cards: Team creation

Collect 100 cards: 85 Sapphire Cedric Ceballos

Collect 125 cards: 10 tokens

Collect 175 cards: 89 Ruby Daryl Dawkins

Collect 225 cards: 15 tokens

Collect 250 cards: 7500 MT

Collect 300 cards: 90 Amethyst Walter Davis

Collect 350 cards: 91 Amethyst Jason Kidd

Collect 425 cards: 15000 MT

Collect 500 cards: 35 tokens

Collect 750 cards: 91 Evolution Amethyst Isaiah Thomas (able to be upgraded to Galaxy Opal)

Collect 1000 cards: 94 Diamond Eddie Jones

Collect 1250 cards: 200 tokens

Collect 1500 cards: 94 Evolution Diamond Antwan Jamison (able to be upgraded to PD)

Collect 1750 cards: 300x tokens

Collect 2000 cards: 100000 MT

Collect 2150 cards: 96 Pink Diamond Jalen Rose

Collect 2300 cards: 97 Evolution Pink Diamond Scottie Pippen (able to be upgraded to Galaxy Opal)

Collect 2500 cards: 750 tokens

Collect 2650 cards: 99 Galaxy Opal Arvydas Sabonis

Collect 2800 cards: 99 Galaxy Opal Dwyane Wade

Collect 2900 cards: 99 Galaxy Opal Anthony Davis

Dame doesn’t even exist in the game lmao you can’t say that

We’ll see, but the way they’re spacing cards out…by the time we get enough cards to get this card, there will already be equal or better cards just like how it was last year with Wade and AD.

But you don’t know how good Lillard is because he doesn’t even exist yet. Like he isn’t in the databases. He could have all-99 and 40 HOF for all we know

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Possible bro lol

I just do not understand what you’re saying at all. You’re stating essentially as fact that there will be better cards than a card that doesn’t even exist yet. We don’t even know the overall let alone the attributes, animations, and badges